About Us

Welcome to The Warm Fuzzies Cloth Collective!

Nappies are just poo-catchers, or are they? Can they be more? Can they do more? At The Warm Fuzzies Cloth Collective, we think so!

My name is Jess and I'm the creator of The Warm Fuzzies Cloth Collective.

I am based on Wurundjeri Woiwurrung Country in Melbourne/Naarm, Australia. I make modern cloth nappies, reusable bags, children's clothing and other handmade products with the aim to also make a positive difference in the world. The idea came from wanting to combine my love of sewing, my research work around social equity and supporting the amazing work of others.

Small brown stencilled bear in the palm of a hand

The meaning behind my business name is important to me. 'Warm Fuzzies' reflect 'feelings of happiness, contentment and sentimentality'. My first-grade teacher gave warm fuzzies to her students in the form of a small stencilled bear with a heart.

She emanated kindness and generosity. I wanted this to be reflected at the core of my work. Every product is made with love, care and warm fuzzies and I hope others love using them as much as I loved making them!

Cloth Collective felt right to me because even though I make the products, I am part of a cloth community that supports and uplifts me in direct and indirect ways.

Auslan alphabet dress with bows on the back

To spread the warm fuzzies, and to make this small business something more, 10% of profits are donated to different charitable causes and non-profit organisations who dedicate their efforts to addressing a range of social equity issues related to race, gender, sexuality, health, disability, education and the environment.

Finally, my logo was drawn by me and is based on a photo of my childhood dog, Emma Louise, who was the ultimate warm fuzzy companion.

Close-up of a dog logo zipper pull on a rainbow bag

Thank you for supporting my little dream and for also supporting the work of others through your purchase.

Have a warm fuzzy day!

Jess xo